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Donor Spotlight

Terry Fleming makes his retirement funds work for a region.

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FAO’s Pillars of Prosperity Funds

Endowment funds to support FAO’s grantmaking in areas fundamental to a vibrant Appalachian Ohio: Arts & Culture, Community & Economic Development, Education, Environmental Stewardship, and Health & Human Services.

Annual Gifts, Unrestricted Funds, and Shares

Funds FAO will use to advance programmatic initiatives in the Pillars of Prosperity areas while FAO is building the permanent endowment described above. The first focus will be to projects that are transformative, sustainable, and likely to help many communities and citizens. Gifts of all sizes make a difference. Donors pledging $32,000 or more are recognized as shareholders.

Community and Field of Interest Funds

Funds FAO or a local committee will designate for the benefit of a specific geographic community or charitable purpose.

Designated, Organizational, and School System Funds

Funds established to provide support to a specific nonprofit, public organization, or school, or classroom. The leadership of these organizations will advise FAO on the use of grant dollars.

Scholarship Funds

Funds to support students in post-secondary education. Donors have a choice to recommend their own volunteer scholarship selection committee or to assign this task to FAO’s Scholarship Review Committee.

Donor-Advised Funds

Funds donors create within FAO that function similar to a private or family foundation. Donors can make gifts to FAO, receive an immediate tax deduction, and then use the fund to support charitable causes they care about far into the future.